Alex W. (247 posts)
Alex W. accidentally rescued the Editing Room back in 2011 after seeing “Battle: Los Angeles” and being compelled to share an abridgment with Rod, who was on the verge of shutting the site down, but then didn’t. Alex has written slightly more than the lion’s share of Abridged Scripts on the site, a few of which have appeared on :-D Huge thanks go to my dear lady wife Barbara: a key part of my creative process is remembering to write down funny shit that she says.
Rod (235 posts)
Rod is the founder of The Editing Room, having started the web site in 1998 after seeing “Godzilla” and being compelled to express his hatred. He’s written the lion’s share of Abridged Scripts on the site, many of which have appeared in Total Film magazine and
Craig (166 posts)
Craig is a sheet metal worker by day, unsuccessful writer and filmmaker by night. Right now he wishes he had a website to link to.
John K. (71 posts)
John K. is a sexy author, actor, editor, and playwright operating out of Chicago, Illinois. He can unhinge his jaw to swallow larger prey. If you’d like to see more of John’s work, assemble the eight Stones of Power at the Ziggurat of Shal-Tur before the Blood Moon reaches its apex. Failing that, follow him on Twitter (@JohnKeefe13).
Jess M. (55 posts)
Jess M. is a copywriter in the Pacific Northwest who abridges musicals, romances, period dramas, and other genres the guys avoid. Her husband says she deserves to have a device of flaming death from above named after her.
Lachlan R. (54 posts)
Lachlan R. was raised in Indonesia, Thailand, Poland and the Australian countryside. Somehow, this has resulted in a semi-English accent. He’s currently living in Melbourne, Australia and is working towards writing full time.
Steph (39 posts)
Steph currently resides in Southern California. When she’s not dodging the sunburn and dehydration monsters, she is saving the world by serving one alcoholic beverage at a time.
Ian S. (37 posts)
If you see a man wandering in the snow and mumbling to himself, gesticulating with twitchy fervor, occasionally blinking and looking around before changing direction but not demeanor, that’s probably Ian. It’s part of his process.
Nicole (32 posts)
Nicole is a teacher and is married to a man who poorly proofreads her abridged scripts. They have a very immodest Shih Tzu. Her talents include being able to recite most of Fargo, which she thinks impresses people.
Rick Lewis (20 posts)
Rick is owner and editor of, a TV humor site dedicated to lovingly mocking your favorite shows. If you like how The Editing Room makes fun of movies, go check out his site maybe?
Kam (20 posts)
Who’s the ginger dipstick that’s a sex machine to all the chicks? (Kam!) Who’s the cat that won’t cop out when there’s movies to talk about? (Kam!) He also lives in Colorado with his wife and writes sometimes. Check him out on Twitter (@KamStover). Can ya dig it?
Joannes (19 posts)
Joannes is a 6’5” guy from Belgium who shamelessly ripped off The Editing Room to create his own spin-off for videogames at To keep Rod off his back, he occasionally contributes a movie script here.
Danny (14 posts)
When Danny isn’t abridging things he keeps busy by co-hosting TheAvod, writing about Criminal Minds for, and playing videogames at the HOGuru Youtube channel. Also, he wrote popular move ‘The Sweetheart’ which is currently on Netflix!
Owain B. (11 posts)
Owain is a part-time rock star with the beard of a full-time hobo. In his high school yearbook he was named “most likely to become a genius comedian”, and he’s been struggling to live up to that ever since.
Alex L. (11 posts)
Vell, Alex’s just zis guy, you know? He moved around way too much growing up, but is settled (for now) in Madison, Wisconsin. Alex loves music and movies, plays guitar, and feels uncomfortable writing about himself in third person.
Tim K. & Nick K. (9 posts)
Tim and his brother Nick are fraternal twins, but no, that doesn’t mean they can read each other’s minds. Only identical twins can do that.
James M. (6 posts)
James is a 27-year old amateur from Australia. He has co-authored four comedy musicals and a host of plays for his university theatre club, and runs a not-for-profit organisation. Years from now, he will invent a car that runs on the dreams of children, single-handedly saving the global economy.
Ben (5 posts)
Ben is a law student in New Orleans. He studies flash cards of differing emotional faces in hopes of one day understanding social cues. He claims to be the first to coin the YouTube comments “FIRST!”, “FAKE!”, and “GAY!”. No one is ever impressed. He has a girlfriend who is totally real. She has eyes that are blue or brown and hair that is also a color.
Raquel P.S. (4 posts)
Raquel is an IT professional from Brazil who dreams of one day quitting her day job and all of her other jobs, too, and then never having a job again. If you speak Portuguese, you can read more of her stuff at
Chris R. (4 posts)
Chris is a 26 year-old engineer from Pennsylvania who spends his days saving the environment by transforming filthy engine exhaust into slightly less filthy engine exhaust. When he’s not laboring tirelessly to prevent Al Gore from being right, he also writes for, updates his personal website Raddy’s Tuition, and dispenses invaluable wisdom on Twitter. His hobbies include skinny skiing, going to bullfights on acid, and passing lines from Caddyshack off as his own.
Will W. (3 posts)
Will is a simple man who is proud to be humble. In his dream life, he is a superhero with the power to move slow cars out of the left lane. In his real life, his only superpower is the ability to beat anyone at Words With Friends except his mom.