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Comments at The Editing Room receive very, very little moderation. Commenters are encouraged to discuss the movies being abridged in related comment threads, though feedback for the scripts themselves is also appreciated, particularly for non-author contributions.

However, though comments about the films and scripts are encouraged, comments about pretty much anything else are allowed. The Editing Room moderators perform very little in the way of comment moderation, and will only delete comments or ban users that are specifically abusive to other commenters or authors. Disagreement and arguing with other commenters is allowed, but personal attacks are not.

Visitors to the site are encouraged to self-moderate the comment sections by voting comments up or down depending on their content. Downvoted comments automatically are moved to the bottom of the thread, or in some cases hidden from view based on score. Personal attacks should be reported via the "flag" feature on a comment, but otherwise comments that you find disagreeable or merely obnoxious should simply be downvoted.